{my most vulnerable}

Isn't it strange how something as simply as a scent wafting in the air can take you back to a moment lost in time, one that you had stored in your memory bank but perhaps haven't thought about since? Today I had a video appointment with Bernadette's cardiologist. This should be her annual checkup, complete... Continue Reading →

{i’m not the expert}

Believe it or not, I did not attend medical school. I know, you are laughing. I had thought once several years ago that perhaps a career in the medical field would be great. You can help people and it in certain areas you can make a decent living. And then I nearly fainted when I... Continue Reading →

{highs and lows}

I have only been the mom of Bernadette for 15 months. In such a short amount of time, we have lived a lot of life. More than I ever did with my other daughters. Being a mom of a special needs daughter has brought new meaning to my own life and has shown me life... Continue Reading →

{B’s first cold post RSV}

I am not typically the kind of mom to freak out when my kids are sick. I realize it is part of life. Kids get sick and often times colds linger forever and just when you think they are ready to go back to children’s church during Sunday morning service, they wake up with yet... Continue Reading →

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