{my motherhood journey}

*Disclaimer: This is my own personal story into my motherhood journey. This is what I have experienced, where I have come from, and where I am at.   I will never forget the moment I realized I in fact wanted kids. It was no secret I didn't quite know where I landed in my adult... Continue Reading →

{that feeling}

I can't pinpoint where the emotional lows are coming from right now, but the past couple of weeks have had some ups followed by some downs. There seems to be a lot on the horizon for us and for Bernadette but in an odd way it's all starting to feel more normal. Not easy, but... Continue Reading →

{what’s in a name}

Choosing names for babies is one of the greatest and most terrifying things ever! If you really stop to think about it, this kid is going to be known by this name that you choose for the REST of his or her life! That's terrifying! I can recall a conversation with a friend just before... Continue Reading →

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