{happy 1 year}

I cannot even believe it, my friends! I have made it to a year of blogging! This is a reason to celebrate! Never in my wildest imagination would I ever have predicted all the amazing things that have come from writing down my experiences as a mom. First, there is all of you! My faithful... Continue Reading →

{summer style}

I don't know about you, but I love outfitting for the summer! Bright colors, shorts, tanks, and my favorite pair of Birkenstocks. I don't thrive in the heat but I have found with layering with just the right items, I can be cute and comfortable. Laying where I live is key to enjoying the summer.... Continue Reading →

{expectant heart}

Last night, the ladies of our church gathered for a night of worship. I was thrilled our church women's ministry put this evening together and was happy to lend a helping hand with a friend setting up the drinks and food for the evening. I arrived early, in time for prayer before setup. I sat... Continue Reading →

{closing a chapter}

I never thought I would decide to send my oldest daughter to T-K. I found myself in a predicament last November and decided to look into the schools around to see if there were any openings for her to start. Between the appointments and therapies, I wasn't finding the time I wanted to pour into... Continue Reading →

{always late}

I hate being late. The truth is, I have always struggled with the thought of being late to anything. From a very early age, my man-pleasing side of me kicked in strong and the mere thought of letting someone down by being late killed me. I sang in the school choir from 4th grade until... Continue Reading →

{growth in the rain}

The house we live in has a beautiful backyard. Green blades of grass grow out of the earth filling most of the yard. Other plants line green perimeter. A brown fence encloses it, a shed houses some odds and ends. There is a patio where a picnic table made out of redwood sits, waiting for... Continue Reading →

{the best advice}

I was recently prompted by a fellow blogger to write about the best piece of advice I was given after hearing Bernadette's diagnosis of Down syndrome confirmed. I have given this question some thought and something quite simple came to my mind as I recalled those early days I was pondering her diagnosis and what... Continue Reading →

{shout their worth}

I will never forgot the day. A day that is forever engraved into my memory. During our hospital stays, there were limited moments I could hold Bernadette. It was always complicated to hold her. It required getting a nurse to put her in my arms because of her many lines and and leads. It wasn’t... Continue Reading →

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