{out of the mouths of babes}

I had a moment with my older girls a couple of weeks ago. One of those moments I would prefer to forget altogether. Unfortunately the words that were said cut deep and I haven't gotten them out of my mind yet. The details of the situation were quite funny actually. And although I could fill... Continue Reading →

{one of those weeks}

This household is battling sickness this week. Well, the past couple of weeks really. That seems to be everybody's story lately. This time of year, there is illness lurking around every corner, or in every public place really. I heard this report on the radio a couple of days ago, in the thick of our... Continue Reading →

{raising my girl tribe}

I'm a girl mom. I have three daughters, all under the age of 5. I am inundated with all things pink, sparkly, and princess and in this moment in my life I wouldn't change it for anything. When I was pregnant with my oldest, I thought I was having a boy. David and I didn't... Continue Reading →

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