I wrote this article a handful of months ago, in the thick of CPAP. I never published it. And then today, our pastor gave a whole message on rest. I thought back to this article as I sat in the congregation this morning. It was burning a hole inside of me and I knew I... Continue Reading →

{cpap wars}

If you follow my Instagram account @mrs_t_park, you have seen several posts about our journey with CPAP. You most likely know the short version of why she's on it, but I thought it would be good to share some more of the details here in hopes that if you find yourself in a similar situation,... Continue Reading →

{in the dark of night}

It's late. As in 11:00 p.m. late. Two out of the five people in this house are asleep. Three are not. Fatigue is setting in heavily as I rock Bernadette, back and forth. Ocean sounds playing in the background on the iPad, soothing music streaming from my phone, and the clunk of the glider my... Continue Reading →


If you follow my Instagram account @mrs_t_park you know that I am currently working tirelessly to adjust Bernadette to our new CPAP machine. I'll write a separate post about that eventually but for now, the quick version is... Bernadette was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea not long ago. She is currently having 20 episodes an... Continue Reading →

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