{my motherhood}

I'll be honest. Motherhood looks completely different than I ever imagined it. This coming from the mom who just laid her 19 month old daughter down for the night with a CPAP mask on. I would have never guessed all those years ago this is what my motherhood journey would entail. My oldest came into... Continue Reading →

{tiny dancer}

Friday's are for ballet, for my middle that is. She's only been in ballet for a couple of weeks now, but I am already seeing that it is proving to be an excellent fit for her at the moment. She tried gymnastics because she wanted to be in class with her big sister, but we... Continue Reading →

{mom life}

It's been one of those days. I woke up late so I barely had time for any sort of run. I left the house feeling like I had already been defeated before my running shoes had a chance to prove me wrong. I still went anyway, even though I only had time to run for... Continue Reading →

{always late}

I hate being late. The truth is, I have always struggled with the thought of being late to anything. From a very early age, my man-pleasing side of me kicked in strong and the mere thought of letting someone down by being late killed me. I sang in the school choir from 4th grade until... Continue Reading →

{out of the mouths of babes}

I had a moment with my older girls a couple of weeks ago. One of those moments I would prefer to forget altogether. Unfortunately the words that were said cut deep and I haven't gotten them out of my mind yet. The details of the situation were quite funny actually. And although I could fill... Continue Reading →

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