Picking up the Pieces

No, I didn’t feel as if I had extra time in my schedule that day. And no, I didn’t really want to sweep the floor again or pick up all the things that had been knocked over. I am running on limited reserves these days so asking even more of me felt like another tipping point. Yet, there I was. Picking up the pieces.

{carry on}

Acknowledging there may days that don't go as planned because that is the story of life, moving on from those hurdles, and trying again.

{goodbye 2020, hello 2021}

A new year, a fresh calendar, endless possibilities. That's how I felt on the Eve of 2020 last December. Our family had been through a lot of emotional lows towards the end of 2019 as we said goodbye to our foster child. Heartbroken and emotionally spent, I looked ahead to 2020 with a weary soul... Continue Reading →

{longest run of my life}

If you've been around awhile, you have probably noticed that I usually post things related to family life. Mothering a child with Down syndrome has given me such a unique perspective which I love to share. Before I had Bernadette, I didn't know much about this beautiful community and being thrown head first into the... Continue Reading →

{memories of past and present}

One of my favorite memories from my childhood was all of the many Christmas performances I participated in throughout the years. It already was my favorite time of year and being able to prepare, rehearse, and perform sent my spirit soaring into the Christmas mood. I sang in the school choir for years, as well... Continue Reading →

{a birthday to remember}

Her cold demeanor was unfriendly and I knew to her, I was just another "statistic" instead of the mother of two and soon to be three, strong and capable by God's grace, ready to fight for my daughter.

{my motherhood journey}

*Disclaimer: This is my own personal story into my motherhood journey. This is what I have experienced, where I have come from, and where I am at.   I will never forget the moment I realized I in fact wanted kids. It was no secret I didn't quite know where I landed in my adult... Continue Reading →

{latest and greatest}

Sitting at my kitchen, the gentle hum of the dishwasher playing in the background, I am lost in a sea of thoughts. The most immediate, do I get up and wash the rest of the dishes in the sink? Should I mop the kitchen floors that have been neglected this past week? Perhaps I should... Continue Reading →

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