World Down syndrome Day is just around tomorrow! Are you ready to join us in celebrating!?

Maybe you are and are wondering what you can do to join in the celebration.

First, let’s talk about why we celebrate Down syndrome. I mean, why wouldn’t we? It brings an awareness that has been lacking to a whole community that is often overlooked. It’s a chance to acknowledge the importance of people with Down syndrome and to shout their worth. The more awareness we can bring to Down syndrome, the better. Why? Because it acknowledges the fact that people with Down syndrome are just that: PEOPLE. Beautiful and unique individuals just like you and me.

In case you are new to Down syndrome, let me share a little about what it is. Down syndrome occurs when there is a third copy of the 21st chromosome. It’s also known as Trisomy 21. Instead of the typical 46 chromosomes, a person with Down syndrome has 47. March 21st is the best perfect day to celebrate because 3/21. I love it!

Next, what do I want you to know about my daughter who has Down syndrome? She is AMAZING. She challenges me daily to live life to its fullest, to celebrate victories both big and small, and has given me a unique perspective in life. She has taught me how to create space in my life and include people of all abilities and to love them for who God has created them to be. She is a huge asset to our family and those around us as she teaches us to see life through a lens of compassion and full of love.

What can we work on as a society… To this day, people with Down syndrome are still segregated in many classroom settings and often not included in typical settings. Part of having a day dedicated to celebrating Down syndrome is also making the society at large aware of the fact that these kinds of things are still happening today. Studies have shown that both kids with different abilities as well as those without grow well together in an inclusive setting. It teaches people to be kind to people of all abilities, create space for one another, to be helpful and accommodating, and to be welcoming of others around them whether they are different or not. Isn’t this the kind of community we should be striving for?

All this to say, let’s celebrate together the world full of unique individuals. On this day in particular, those who carry this extra special chromosome, and take note of how we can love and support and create space for this amazing group of individuals who are an integral part of our community.

Let’s rock our socks!

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