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How in the world do you keep your schedule straight when you have this therapy and that appointment, three kids running here and there, and everything to do in-between? 

I am a huge believer in scheduling. I typically function better in seasons of busyness when I can have things mapped out. I need a planner with space that gives me plenty of room to write out each and every appointment that has been scheduled for any given day. I also need space to write out which therapies Bernadette will be having that particular day. It helps filling in other things that are out of the ordinary for that day. Whether that be a different pickup time for someone or an extracurricular activity or even the rare playdate. I’m a busy mom of three with a lot of moving parts. To ensure nothing gets forgotten, I write everything down.

A few months ago, my oldest was taking gymnastics. It was once a week for four weeks in the afternoon. It is one her favorite activities that fits perfectly after school and before dinner time (meal planning ahead of time for these occasions with my instant pot has been a huge time savor!). One afternoon, I was getting the girls ready to head to the grocery store when all of the sudden, I felt like I was forgetting something. Sure enough, it was gymnastics. I hadn’t written it down in my calendar. I had even checked the schedule that morning. It was a particularly full day with Bernadette’s therapy schedule. In the midst of the chaos, gymnastics had completely slipped my mind. 

Luckily, we still made it in time. It left me with some lingering anxiety around our schedule. Bernadette had some important appointments coming up in the following weeks and I found myself so worried I would forget them. I was frustrated with my calendar because there wasn’t enough space to write out the multiple appointments, or the address for the ones out of town for that matter. I was eager to find a solution that would work.

Around the same time I was searching for a new calendar solution, my friend Amanda, of The Glory Days put out there on social media that she was coming up an amazing solution for parents with kids with different abilities that would help their crazy scheduling lives. I took a lot of comfort in knowing that I was not alone. Other mamas were struggling with finding a good solution to stay on top of busyness. Her idea sounded like a great solution and exactly what I was looking for. 

I read about her idea for this all-in-one calendar specifically geared towards us mamas with differently-abled kiddos. She was working on a demo calendar and asked for mamas to sign up to be a part of the group. Of course I was on board and signed up immediately. I was so excited to see what she had in mind for a calendar. Coming from a mom with a daughter with Down syndrome, I knew that she was running into the same kinds of issues I was. The greatest part was, she saw the need and out of necessity created a solution. 

I eagerly awaited the day the demo calendar arrived and was even more pleased with what I saw. As I looked through the calendar and started scheduling things out for the month, I was happy to see plenty of space where my other generic calendar had not provided enough. There was room to write down pickup times that varied, time slots to fill in what time different therapies occurred, and plenty of room to jot down the address of the out-of-town appointments. 

There were quick view boxes for therapies which helped to see at a glance which therapy would be showing up at the house that day. I could better prepare for the visit knowing ahead of time who would be there later on.

I liked keeping my calendar near me during therapy visits so I could jot down notes in the section provided that corresponded with what we worked on during the appointment and what to work on before the next visit. It brought me such peace of mind that I wouldn’t be forgetting things in the week between the visit. 

Feeding therapy has been a huge one for Bernadette. During the past few months, our feeding therapist has been working on adding in new foods with various textures and flavors for Bernadette to try. What was happening before The Glory Days calendar was I would agree to try new recipes and buy new foods in hopes Bernadette would have a good solid week trying out these items and then we could discuss how it went the following week. I had every good intention of following through but realized I was not remembering throughout the week or the next time I was at the store what to pick up. Having space to write notes helped me to remember to what we had agreed on and ensure things were not getting forgotten in-between visits. 

I was thrilled to be invited to be a part of the demo facebook group. Along with the other mamas, we provided feedback on what worked for us in using the calendar and the things that needed some adjustment. This calendar is made for us mamas in mind and has been perfected with input from mamas in all different types of situations. 

I definitely think in this stage of busy, this calendar will be a huge tool to me and for so many other mamas. I plan on ordering mine as soon as they are available so I don’t miss out! Head on over to The Glory Days so you can get more information and sign up for the newsletter for updates as they get closer to launch date! You can also stay in the loop by following them on Instagram here.

So proud of you my friend for creating this beautiful and functional solution. I cannot wait to see the final product in all of its glory! I’m cheering for you! 

*Please note, the photos are of the demo product. The final product may differ from these images.

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