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I am wordy. I know. I write a lot of what’s on my heart. Which for me means using a lot of words. The things I feel burning a hole inside of me that just have to get out before I self combust.

This post will be short and sweet, with a few motherhood through my lens photos to end.

Today, I took the girls on a much needed day out of the house day. I picked my mom up and we headed for the coast. One of my favorite things to do when I feel up to my ears in life. It’s my own personal reset. The older girls run around for hours building sandcastles and chasing waves. Bernadette is just getting to the age where she is way more interested in playing with the sand instead of just eating the sand.

We arrived much later than I had planned because getting three kids ready and out of the house is not yet easy to me. My mom and I eventually figured out how to set up my brand new pop-up tent, dumped out the sand toys and parked it right in front of the ocean waves for awhile. I soaked up the familiar sound of the waves crashing onshore, the seagulls squawking off in the distance, and the smell of the saltwater clearing out my congested lungs.

The highlight for me, especially after posting One of the Girls earlier today, was watching Bernadette figure out her surroundings. She wandered around the tent for awhile opening every single snack item I had packed and tasted it all. Something that I would have kept her from doing except for the fact she has been in a food refusal mode the past several days. It brought such a peace to me watching her dump out the contents of each package and taste at least a piece from each bag.

She then moved on to playing with the sand toys left behind by her sisters who were by that point chasing the waves, trying to collect ocean water to fill the holes they had dug close to the tent. She made car noises as she pushed the car around in the sand.

These moments I share with them remind me time is fleeting. School starts so soon. I am ready, but I’m not. I had every intention of hitting the beach more than twice this summer which is what ended up happening. I had planned to take the girls on a whim here and there, but the reality of life snuck up on me and instead of being full of spontaneity, the monotonous schedule daunted me. Needless to say, we were all enjoying the free day we had together.

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