I think as moms, we can all agree there is nothing more exciting than watching your child hit all the milestones. Rolling over, sitting up, first words, walking. There are so many precious moments that melt your heart as you watch with wide eyes as your little one accomplishes these milestones.

All of my time and attention was poured into my oldest when she was a new baby. I didn’t have any other little distractions running around and the time I was able to spend with just her was beautiful. I will never forget her first little giggles that came out of her one evening as David and I made silly faces at her trying to satisfy our ears with those sweet giggling sounds.

She started walking Super Bowl Sunday at my parents’ house. One minute she was down and the next minute I look over and she’s attempting to dip the chips into the salsa and take off with them. I cried with tears of joy for that little girl. Even thinking back to that very moment makes my heart skip a beat. My first daughter, the one who made me a mother to begin with, reaching those celebratory milestones.

My middle came along and I celebrated her sleeping through the night a handful of months in and when she first said “mama”. It was music to my ears. Moments I will cherish in my heart forever, moments I want to bottle up and never forget.

Then came my third, Bernadette. She works hard to get to where she is at. We all do, really. Many hours are spent with her different therapists, working on things that just seemed to come without a second thought in my mind with the other girls.

With all the blood, sweat, and tears poured into her, she really has made some amazing progress. Her trunk strength is wonderful, sitting tall and unwavering as her sisters run around in their chaos as she watches them with her wide almond-shaped eyes. Her army crawl gets her to where she wants to go quickly. She eats a lot of the same foods the rest of us eat. She has really been progressing so nicely.

I noticed that as she hits these milestones whether seemingly small or large, we all celebrate. Even the other girls. There are tears from me and lots of clapping and happy smiles from one and all. I can’t help but think of how lucky I am to be able to see the progress before my very eyes and then celebrate it.

I remember there being a time during the pregnancy I thought ahead to our future, curious how that would look. I wondered if it would all be hard and grim. I wondered if and when she would hit all the milestones the other girls did. I questioned because I did not have any frame of reference.

What I have learned from her is that I need to presume competence. She is capable of anything and everything. There may be more work we have put it, but we are going at her speed. She is leading the way to get to where she will go. I want her to know that I have full confidence in her and her abilities, cheering her along every step of the way.

It’s funny how much my own thinking has changed since the pregnancy with her. My perspective was so narrow back then.

Now we celebrate, all together, thankful for all the amazing things she does currently and the things she has yet to discover. My role as her mother is to support her in all that she does, just like my other girls, give her the tools she needs to succeed and love her as deeply as humanly possible.

{working hard today during physical therapy trying out new skills on hands and feet}

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  1. Such a wonderful thing to capture on video. My son has development delay and a heart defect so I can totally understand all the big and small achievements and celebrating them all. 🙂

    1. I was so excited to catch this on video! It is so exciting when they hit these achievements 🎉

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