{happy Father’s Day}

It’s the middle of June already, how the heck that is possible, I have’t the slightest idea. Seeing that we are coming up on Father’s Day, I wanted to take a minute to share a little about the two main men in my life.

The first, my dad. The one who raised me for 18 years (ok, maybe I was 19 by the time I actually left their house… oh and let’s not forget about the time David, myself and our oldest lived moved back in with my mom and dad for 6 months as we transitioned back into the country from living in England). He has seen me at my worst and also my best and has loved me as his daughter through it all.

By far the best is seeing him with my daughters. Oh, the tears that come to my eyes even now as I type this, reflecting back to the day he met my oldest in London. That moment is up there with my top best memories. Him and my middle though are inseparable, seriously. She always insists on him being a part of everything we do and it makes my heart so happy. Of course there were the moments he came and visited when we were living in the hospital for two months while Bernadette was going through heart surgeries. He witnessed one of the hardest moments of her life as she fought to pull through an episode of pulmonary hypertension. He watched the entire thing unfold before our eyes while still trying to be the strong dad/grandpa as he attempted to ease the tension and fear, thick in her tiny room.

He has helped us through hard times and been there to celebrate the good. I am so thankful he is the one I get to wish a Happy Father’s Day to.

There is this other man, my main man. The one who has stood by my side through the thick and thin, for better or for worst, who shows me Jesus every single day. The one who challenges me to be a better wife and mother and friend. Who is there for me on my hardest of days, the days I don’t think I will pull through. The days I want to throw in the towel and hide under the covers.

He’s the one who has welcomed three beautiful daughters into the world by my side, helped name them and raise them, dry their tears, hug them so hard, bandage their wounds and take to ice cream. He works hard every single day to provide for our family, even on the days he would rather stay home and hide under the covers too.

My sweet adoring husband of ten years. I know our marriage is far from perfect, but he has walked through the hardest of seasons with me, not leaving my side, unafraid of my big emotions and I could not imagine doing this life without him.

I am so thankful God knew what He was doing all those years ago when He put David in my path. We met when we were just babies, well 14 anyway. Really, we were just babies back then. Married at 23, and our own babies at 28, we really grew up together. We hit walked through all the changes of life together from graduating high school to coming into adulthood and everything in-between.

By far the greatest thing that has brought me an even deeper sense of love for that man, has been watching him step into his role as a father. It is the most beautiful thing to watch his relationship with the girls unfold before my own two eyes. He tenderly cares for them and their little hearts. A dad’s relationship with his daughters is like no other.

I watched him with wide eyes as we found out our third daughter would be born with congenital heart defects and later discovered how she would have Down syndrome. He cried with me worrying about her little heart and what it would look like to walk the hard and dark road of heart surgeries, but he embraced the idea of having a daughter with special needs, never blinking twice.

He has been there every step of the way through this journey with me and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. His hand in mine, sharing the love of Jesus with me and our girls. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is forming him into the man He wants David to be. That He knew long before we were even a thought that He would bring us together to parent the girls He had specifically in mind for us.

I see God’s hand written all over our story. Our story is filled with ups and downs and so much hard and so many emotions (mostly mine) but I don’t doubt for one minute that the things God has in store for us are specifically designed for us and a greater purpose He has for us. I am truly thankful for him and the father he is to my girls.

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