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I am so excited to be sharing with you all today about a book I recently had the opportunity to read. It is a book I know you will all love just as much as I did and I am here to tell you to go preorder TODAY! There is a great giveaway contest that is happening from 10am-10pm CST where you could win  jewelry from Noonday Collection or Waterloo Style for preordering your book AND redeems your preorder. Sounds amazing right!!! Head on over to www.ifyouonlyknewbook.net to preorder!


I am a busy mom of three littles. I don’t have much spare time at all. I try to read as often as I can but let’s face it. There are so many little hands that need help, snuggles that need to be had, and ohhhh the laundry that never ends. When we first came home from the hospital with Bernadette when she was a couple of months old, I found time to read during the 30 minute pumping sessions several times a day. I wasn’t able to do anything else during those 30 minute sessions, so I found myself enjoying a book to myself if the girls were all occupied.

As my pumping career ended, I found less time to enjoy those books during the day but discovered something just as wonderful. Enter the world of podcasts! I know, I’m a little late to the party. I started listening to a couple that I had seen mentioned on Instagram, one of them being Jamie Ivey‘s podcast, The Happy Hour. I was hooked right away. She interviews the most amazing women. The best part is I can still get things done because my hands are free.

It was on her own podcast I first heard her mention that she was coming out with a book of her very own in January 2018. She mentioned it a handful of times and I kept thinking how badly I wanted to read her book right then! I can be a little impatient for these things! A few weeks later, she shared how she was going to have her very own launch time and I just knew I would love to be a part of it! I was part of a book launch team in the spring and it was amazing! I loved reading the book early and sharing it with all of my friends. It’s great when it is something that really impacts you, something that you want to share with everyone you know. I quickly jumped onto Jamie Ivey’s launch team and was excited to see what her book titled “If You Only Knew” was all about.

After I finished the joining process, I opened up her book on my iPad, excited for what the pages in front of me held, and settled in to read Jamie’s story.

What I immediately loved about her book is how I felt as if I was sitting with a girlfriend and exchanging stories. You know those kinds of coffee dates where you don’t necessarily anticipate going into all the details of your past. But before you know it, an opportunity has opened up and one thing leads to another and you are sharing your heart. Where you have been, the road you have walked, and all that has brought you to where you are at that very moment. It’s in those moments your friendship is strengthened and your bond grows to a deeper level, a more personal and vulnerable one. Those moments are some of the most cherished moments I have with friends. Moments I savor forever.

Her book felt exactly like that. As I read through her words, I began to learn more about her. She shared some of her past, details from where she once had been. Her words were bold and brave and vulnerable and it was as if I was reading her very heart written on those pages.

As she continued on sharing things that are hard to share, I began to feel encouraged. I started realizing that those things that are in my past do not define me. They are situations I have walked through, but I am better because of them. All of those events have pointed me straight to Jesus. They have left scars but they are not something to walk in fear of. I can’t let those things of my past or the person I used to be keep me from going where God wants me now.

She continued on and I found myself in tears as I thought back to my own story and where God has brought me from. The end of her book brings it straight to this: in spite of all that you have been through, all the crazy surrounding you, “Jesus is better!” Yes, He absolutely is! He is better!

I want to encourage you, my friends, first to share your story. Don’t let those things in your past keep you from doing the work that God has set for you. Second, you all definitely need to read her book. It is available for preorder and today there are some awesome perks for preordering as well as the giveaway I mentioned in the beginning. It comes out at the end of January but you could definitely preorder the book for all of your friends for Christmas and then plan a book club to start in February when the copy is in your hands. She even has a photo you can download to put in an envelop so that they will have something in their hands! Find it here. And one last thing, preordering as I have heard before really helps authors out! If you are planning on buying the book anyway, you might as well do it now!

I know this book will encourage you to share your stories as it has for me. God has given each of us a story, stories that are made to share, to encourage, and to strengthen. Thank you, Jamie Ivey, for answering the call God has placed on your life. To share in such a bold way bringing it straight back to Jesus!

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