{October is…}

Down Syndrome Awareness Month! Or, Down Syndrome CELEBRATION month as I have seen it referred to on some social media accounts I follow.

Friends, this is a reason to celebrate! The reason behind this month is to raise awareness about all things related to Down Syndrome. To highlight the beauty in Down Syndrome.

If you have been following any part of my story, you know by now that until Bernadette I had not the first clue about anything related to Down Syndrome. It’s a fact I hate to admit. I look back at that last however many years of my life and I grieve over the fact that I have not had the privilege of getting to know this amazing group of people, until now. I lived in ignorance for so long. I never took the time to reach out and get to know the people that were right in front of my very face. Thankfully, the Lord knew I needed one big shove in the right direction.

This brings me to point of having an entire month dedicated to raising awareness. In this day and age, things are constantly changing and advancing. But how easy is it for our brains to get stuck in old mindsets and focus on outdated information and facts. Or letting the fear of different keep us from taking the next step, putting ourselves out there and reaching out.

Awareness days and months are all to help change those stigmas and old ways of thinking. It’s a great way to start the conversation about what Down syndrome is and what it really looks like to have DS and how incredibly beautiful this whole community of people is. It’s to show that this group of people is not suffering, they are so many things they CAN do, and also helps us to understand the importance of not putting limitations on them.

Awareness months also help us advocate for our kids and loved ones with Down Syndrome. It helps to show the world they are people just like you and me and their lives are worthy, just like yours and mine. It shows us the importance of inclusion not just in schools but in the society as a whole.

I am lucky enough to have a daughter with Down Syndrome. I get to experience her every single day. I get to walk her life journey, hand-in-hand with her. I get to be there when she hits all the milestones. I get to be there when she goes to school and someday college and gets a job and everything in between. I get to understand DS from a whole different perspective as we live daily. I know I will also walk through the struggles of being a mom with a special needs child of having to fight for her and shout her worth to the world. I wouldn’t change it though. What an honor and a privilege to be the one to stand by her side through life and advocate for her.

Friends, one of the things I want to encourage you today in on this first day of Down Syndrome Celebration month is, if you don’t have someone in your life with DS, find someone. Someone your age, someone with a child with DS, the online community of people with kids with DS. I think you will realize quickly the moment you start spending time with them that they are the ones who will bless you in ways you didn’t even know you could be blessed in.

There is so much joy you will experience through knowing someone with DS. There are so many questions that will be answered just by being a part of their lives. It will be easier to start seeing them as who they are as individuals, who God has created them to be and not just how they are differently abled.

If you have questions, I would love to try to answer them. This is the perfect way to get involved, start by equipping yourself with the real information. Please comment below or use the contact tab to send one through email.

My heart’s desire is that people will see Bernadette for who she is, Bernadette. DS doesn’t define her but it is a very special part of her. One that I am excited about. I hope you are too.


{{Bernadette’s Down Right Awesome onesie is from A Lil Something Extra, the perfect place to get outfitted for spreading awareness this month, and every month}}

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  1. I absolutely love your little ginger! Bernadette is the cutest and I so share your sentiments about having gone on in life too far not even knowing about this awesome group of people who raise each other up and love someone with Down Syndrome. Thank you for sharing at the T21 blog hop, you are the featured post for this weeks hop so be sure and come back to drop another link this week!

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